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Workshops for Parents




The Mathematics department conducted 3 workshops for the parents/guardians during Parents’ Briefing cum Learning Fiesta every year:


Primary 1 & 2 “Model Drawing” Workshop

Primary 3 & 4 "The Use of Heuristics in Problem Solving" Workshop

Primary 5 & 6 “Strategies to solve PSLE Standard Mathematics Questions" Workshop

The workshops were facilitated by our experienced teachers.


The workshops received favourable feedback from the parents/guardians and they hope that they can attend more of such workshops in the future.


Enhanced Learning Support for Primary 1 and Primary 2



The Enhanced Learning Support for Maths (LSM) aims to provide early support for Primary 1 and 2 pupils with weak basic numeracy skills.  The programme focuses on basic mathematical skills and concepts to build good foundation in the pupils.


Pupils are fully withdrawn from their mainstream classes with lessons carried out in a small group during their Maths periods.


Pupils learn through many varied activities and hands-on experiences in a conducive environment.


Engaging and interactive number games, Maths Packs, are loaned to pupils to be brought home for parents to reinforce concepts that the pupils have learnt in class in a fun and interesting way.


The Maths Vocabulary CD (developed by our school teachers) is used to teach Maths vocabulary words. The meaning and reading of each word is explained with an illustration or picture.


Home-kits for Primary 1 to 4

home kit P3.jpeghome kit P4.jpeg

Home-kits are given to all Primary 1 to 4 pupils to promote parental involvement, stimulate the child's interest in Mathematics and shape positive attitude.


Primary 1 and 2 pupils will receive 2 sets of Home-kits each to revise arithmetic concepts at home with the help of their parents.


With effect from 2014, Primary 3 and 4 pupils will also receive home-kits with game activities to help them revise topics such as Whole Numbers and Fractions at home.


Our school Home-kit resources have received favourable feedback from parents.


Mathematics Learning Packages using QR code

Our teachers have also developed learning packages which simulate real-life situation from Primary 1 to 6 to promote experiential learning in Mathematics. Pupils have to scan a QR code using tablet from a poster designed by our school teachers to access a blog set up by the school to complete their tasks. The pupils will do group presentation on their solutions. Through this programme, pupils will be able to apply the Maths concepts learnt in classroom to solve real-life problems.




Sustained Support for Mathematics (SSM) Programme for Primary 1 to 6

SSM programme was introduced to build essential Maths concepts and stimulate pupils’ interest in the learning of Maths using activity-based approach. The lessons are hands-on and manipulatives are introduced to teach Mathematics concepts such as “Multiplication”, “Division”, “Time”, “Money”.


P3 SSM (2).JPGP4 SSM .jpg



Primary 4 to 6 Mathematics Olympiad Programmes

The Olympiad programmes aim to stretch the Mathematically talented pupils and are progressive in content coverage from Primary 4 to Primary 6. After  training, selected Primary 4 to Primary 5 pupils will take part in National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) competition held at NUS High each year.


Selected Primary 6 pupils will take part in Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS).



Primary 5 and Primary 6 Speedy Brains Mathematics Programmes

The programmes aim to promote mental arithmetic and train pupils in time management in problem solving. Pupils will solve a few Mathematics questions within a stipulated time given every week.



Primary 1 to 5 "Solve N Learn" Programme

This programme promotes creative thinking by getting pupils to do problem posing on selected topics. Selected entries were put up into an E-learning portal and the word problems created by pupils were assigned as online assignments during daily lessons and E-learning day/week.



Mathematics Games Day

Mathematics Games Day is organised for Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils in each term to make learning fun.


Pupils will take turn to play games such as “Check My Guess” , “Maths Warriors”, “Copy Me” Tangrams and Bingo.


The “Check My Guess” game was invented by one of our school teachers and pupils enjoyed playing the game which incorporates “Guess and Check” strategy.