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Health Education

Health Education at Yangzheng Primary provides our pupils with an understanding of good health practices in nutrition, exercise, safety and hygiene. Through meaningful lessons, our pupils will be taught the importance of developing good personal practices, making informed and responsible decisions, and creating positive influence on the community. The topics that are covered in the 6 years include:-

Primary 1

General and road safety

Physical Growth and Healthy Eating

Good Hygiene habits

Taking care of the eyes

Germs & Diseases

Primary 2

Safety in public places and during physical activity

Food & Growth

Good Hygiene Practices

Taking care of the teeth

How diseases are spread

Primary 3

Water and cycling safety

Healthy Eating

Cleanliness of hands & feet

Taking care of the eyes

Mosquito-borne diseases

Primary 4

Sports Safety

Ensuring Growth & Fitness

Substances harmful to health

Taking care of the teeth

Food-borne diseases

Primary 5

Simple First Aid

CPR & Use of AED

Sports Safety

Diet & Exercise

Personal Hygiene

Eye infections

Auditory Care

Transmissible diseases

Primary 6

Fire Safety

Diet & Exercise

Oral Health