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P3 Building Bricks - Junior Lego League

Our Primary 3 pupils created animals using Lego bricks to showcase what they have learned under the topic of Diversity of Animals. Five teams were selected to represent the school in the First JLL competition held at Marina Bay Sands. Our pupils showcased the animal that they have created and made use of basic programming to move a part of the animal. One team emerged as first runner up while another team was awarded the best team spirit.

Junior Lego League1.png
Junior Lego League 2.png
 P3 participants of Lego Junior League Winners of Best Team Spirit
Junior Lego League3.png
 First Runners Up posing with Dr Yaacob Ibrahim

P4 YZPS Creative Toy-Making Competition 

Our Primary 4 pupils were entrusted with the challenging task of creating toys from recycled materials.  Pupils made use of the scientific concepts of the characteristics of materials to craft their toys from scratch.  Selected toys were displayed during recess and our P3 and P4 pupils had the enriching opportunity to learn from their peers. Some of the toys were also submitted to the Science Centre for the Sony Creative Toy Competition.

Toy Making1.png
Toy Making2.png
 Learning that the Ferris wheel works due to gravity Playing a game of soccer using magnets
Toy Making3.png
Toy Making4.png
 Exploring the games created by peers Sharing how a magnetic ball game works

P5 YZPS Amazing Flying Machine Competition

Our Primary 5 pupils learned about air-resistance, speed and gravity and applied these concepts into creating paper planes that flew the furthest distance or stayed afloat for the longest time.  Pupils worked enthusiastically in small groups to fold and test their planes.  Five teams were selected to represent the school in the Amazing Flying Machine Competition organised by the Science Centre.

Flying Machine2.png
 P5 pupils trying out their paper aeroplanes
Flying Machine3.png
 Participants of SAFMC 2017

Fun Learning@Recess

During selected recesses, our parent volunteers have been sharing their vast knowledge in scientific principles with pupils by engaging them in hands-on activities.  Each activity focuses on different Science concepts on light, air-resistance and electricity.  Through these interactive activities, pupils’ interest in Science is enhanced.  This boosts their curiosity and encourages them to find out more about how things work around us.

Fun Learning.png
Fun Learning1.png
 Using magnets to sort out magnetic materials Testing how light works
Fun Learning2.png
Fun Learning3.png
 Learning about static electricity Captivated by the magic of electricity

P3 Every Child a Seed

This programme gives every child an opportunity to grow their own plant.  As pupils went through the challenges of the planting process, they learned to overcome the difficulties and appreciated their efforts when the seeds started to sprout.  Pupils were thrilled to participate in this engaging activity.  Through this programme, the values of responsibility and care for the environment is enhanced.

Every Child a seed.png
Every Child a seed1.png
Carefully filing up pots with soilPlanting a seed in each pot

P5 Seed Dispersal Trail

In order to sustain our pupils’ natural curiosity to explore our environment, we involved our Primary 5 pupils in a seed dispersal trail.  Armed with an iPad, pupils visited different stations in small groups to explore the characteristics of fruits and seeds at the school eco-garden.  Based on their observations, they predicted the plants’ most effective method of seed dispersal. The activity encourages pupils to be self-directed learners and allows them to learn outside the classroom.  Pupils were excited to work together with their peers and learn from each other.  

Seed Dispersal.png
 Visiting a station to observe the characteristics of fruits
 Seed Dispersal 1.png
Studying the parts of a flower
Seed Dispersal 2.png
P5 pupils moving around the eco-garden on a trail 

P5 Water-Testing Activity

In order to raise awareness and involve our pupils in protecting water resources, our Primary 5 pupils were involved in a basic water monitoring activity.  Pupils had the opportunity to test the quality of the water in our eco-garden pond.  A simple test kit was used to sample the water in our pond for a set of water quality parameters including temperature, acidity (PH), clarity (turbidity) and dissolved oxygen (DO).  After the test, pupils discussed how the different parameters affect the suitability of our pond water to sustain aquatic organisms.  Pupils learned the importance of protecting our water bodies and were more aware of how the different conditions of the water affects the aquatic organisms living in the water. This activity also reinforced the effect of Man’s activities on the survival of aquatic ecosystem and the need to protect our water resources to sustain life on Earth.

Water testing.png
 Testing the temperature of pond water
     Water testing 1.png Water testing 2.png
 Group discussion on findings Investigating the clarity of pond water

Learning Journey to Lee Chian Natural History Museum 

Our Primary 6 pupils had a meaningful learning journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Pupils were guided by experts in the field about the vast diversity of biological life and the dynamic interactions between the living things in the various habitats. They were also exposed to the rich natural history and heritage in Singapore.  They were given the opportunity to view the museum specimens through laboratory lessons and apply their observation skills to infer the different behavioural adaptations of each specimen.

At the end of the learning journey, pupils learned a valuable lesson that they too have to play a part in protecting our natural environment so that different ecosystems can continue to survive on Earth. They also have a better appreciation for the need of conservation in our Little Red Dot. 

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.png
 Sharing on biodiversity in Singapore at LKCNHM
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum 1.png
Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum 2.png
 Studying the adaptations of organisms Completing task assigned based on observations

Recycling Carnival

As part of their post-exam activities, our Primary 6 pupils worked on creating games using recyclable materials such as cardboards, egg crates, cans and plastic bottles.  During the three days of the recycling carnival, there were long queues in the hall as fellow Yangzhengnites waited patiently for their turns as they edged closer to the game booths.  Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they participated in the games and did their part to raise funds for the Singapore Children’s Society and Children’s Cancer Foundation.  Through this meaning activity, not only were our Primary 6 pupils able to enhance their entrepreneurial skills, they also did their parts to protect the environment by recycling materials.

Recycling Carnival.pngRecycling Carnival 1.png
 Promoting their game booths Testing their shooting skills
Recycling Carnival 3.png
Recycling Carnival 2.png
 Trying their hands at a bowling game Mending booths to raise fun for charity

Building Blocks in Science

A hands-on lesson for the pupils to explore scientific concepts using LEGO was carried out for our Primary 6 pupils. Pupils were encouraged to communicate their findings after analysing and interpreting data from their LEGO Toy car experiment. In groups, pupils had to come together to decide on the Science hypothesis that they want to test out. They had to plan and carry out investigations, discuss and organise their discussion where they eventually can make conclusions based on their findings.  Pupils had an opportunity to work as a team to build LEGO toy cars and hone their Science process skills during investigation.

Building Blocks.png
 Testing if the LEGO car works
Building Blocks 1.png
Building Blocks 2.png
 Working as a team to fix the parts together Focused on building LEGO cars


Learning Fiesta for Parents

On 9th February, our annual Learning Fiesta cum Parents’ Briefing was held at Yangzheng.  Two workshops for parents was organised by the Science department on Acquiring Science Process Skills at P3 & P4 Levels and Answering Science Process Skill Questions at P5 & P6 levels.

Parents of Primary 3 and 4 pupils learned what the targeted process skills that are related to the primary school Science Lower Block syllabus are and how they could support their children in their preparation for Holistic Assessments. On the other hand, techniques in answering Science multiple-choice (MCQ) and open-ended questions (OEQ) were shared with parents of Primary 5 and 6 pupils to assist them to provide greater support to their children in their preparation for PSLE.

Learning Fiesta2.png
Learning Fiesta.png
 Sharing on Science process skills Sharing Science answering techniques


Staff Learning Fiesta

As part of our Professional Learning Circle, this year teachers in the Science department focused on incorporating ICT into the teaching of Science.  Teachers worked on using online educational games as a platform to encourage self-directed learning in the teaching of the digestive system.  The lessons were indeed fun and exciting for the pupils.  They were more engaged and motivated to complete the tasks assigned and were able to take charge of their own learning.  Science teachers shared this meaningful practice with our fellow colleagues on 15th November.  It was an enriching learning experience.

Staff Learning Fiesta 2.png

Sharing an ICT lesson with colleagues


School Green Awards Lotus Sustained Achievement Award

Every year schools that showcase an innovative environmental project and participate in an external activity that promotes Singapore’s sustainability receive the Lotus Award.


This year Yangzheng Primary School was presented the Sustained Lotus Award on our third consecutive Lotus Award.  This is in recognition of our tireless efforts in promoting activities that encourages pupils to protect our environment through creative and innovation projects.

Lotus Award.png

Green Schools @South East Award - Excellence Award

The Green Schools @South East programme was launched in July 2010 and is part of the South East Green Plan to encourage schools to carry out projects to protect and sustain the environment.


The Green Schools @South East Award aims to recognise and honour schools in the South East District for their contributions and efforts in reaching out to their students and/or the community on environmental issues.


This year Yangzheng Primary School has achieved the Excellence Award for our efforts in carrying out activities that helps to create a positive impact on our environment.

Green School.png
Green Schools 1.png
Green Schools 2.png
 Learning to use recycling materials to cut down waste Growing new plants to protect our environment


Cultivation of Crops

Our Primary 1 and 2 pupils embarked on learning more about the growth of plants by cultivating their own crops.  They observed and kept track of the growth of their plants by measuring the height of the plants. We also employed an environmentally-friendly way of self-watering the crops by using a solar-powered system.

This engaging activity not only encourages exploration of nature but is also their contribution to the Values-In-Action programme.  The crops that are harvested are donated to The Food Bank Singapore which sends the harvest to their beneficiaries.  Some of the crops is also cooked for their fellow friends to enjoy.  

Cultivation of crops.pngCultivation of crops 2.png

Yangzheng Creative Toy- Making Competition 

Our Primary 4 pupils’ creativity blossomed as they allowed their imaginations to go wild and created a toy that demonstrated at least one scientific concept that they have learned in the classroom.  Pupils had to explore and use the most suitable materials to bring their toys to life. 

 The pupils got to showcase their creation during recess to their fellow schoolmates.  They were engaged in explaining how their toys worked and also shared their toys with their enthusiastic audience.

Creative toy making.pngCreative toy mking 1.png
Creative toy making 2.png

An Inch for Pocket Money Program

Both our Primary 4 and 5 pupils learnt more about the life-cycle of plants through cultivation of chilli plants at our school’s roof-top garden.


Through this simple, fun activity, pupils learned not only to care for plants but also got an opportunity to do their part for fellow Singaporeans who are less fortunate than them. This is in line with the school’s Values-In-Education programme as Young Scientist Readers donates $10 for every inch of chilli grown by the pupils.


As our pupils managed to grow the chilli fruit that was 13 inch long, The Young Scientists Readers donated $130 to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund on behalf of Yangzheng Primary School.


The 5-Day Challenge

This year, Yangzheng Primary School took part in the Biodiveristy Week for Schools organized by NParks.  As part of the biodiversity week, our Primary 5 pupils were involved in a 5-day challenge to learn more about the flora and fauna in the school’s eco-garden.  Pupils took part in a series of exciting activities that were lined up especially for them.  Through the activities, pupils have learned the importance of protecting our natural environment.  At the end of the challenge, pupils were rewarded with a badge for completing the activities.


Every Child a Seed

To cultivate a sense of ownership and love for the environment, every child in Primary 3 was given the opportunity to grow their own plant through the Every Child a Seed programme.

Pupils were given a chance to plant seeds in a pot, water them and watch the seeds germinate and grow.  Pupils were thrilled by the sight of their seeds sprouting.  Through this programme, the values of responsibility and care for the environment were strengthened.  Furthermore, this enriching personal experience enabled pupils to learn the life cycle of a plant, plant parts and their functions.

Fun Learning 1.png
Fun Learning 2.png
Fun Learning 3.png

Water Wally Activity

This fun learning activity teaches our Primary 3 pupils the importance of water conservation.  Pupils are given a timer and an activity booklet to track their shower time and complete a one-week “5-minutes shower” challenge.  Pupils also learn useful water saving tips and take on the roles of junior water advocates by spreading water conservation tips to their family and friends.

Water Wally 2.png
Water Wally.JPG

Seed Dispersal Trail

To promote self-directed learning, an environment trail was organised for Primary 5 pupils.  Pupils visited different stations to explore the characteristics of fruits and seeds that enable effective seed dispersal.  Through this hands-on activity, pupils’ observation, thinking and collaborative skills were strengthened.  Pupils also had good fun working with their peers and learning from each other.

Environmental 2.png
Environmental 1.png

Learning Journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Our Primary 6 pupils had an enriching experience on their learning journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.  Pupils explored Singapore’s rich biodiversity through a guided gallery tour and hands-on practical using museum specimens.  The activities provided opportunities for pupils to learn more about various plant and animal adaptations. This experiential learning also promotes a better appreciation and understanding of the diverse biological life in Singapore.  Pupils also learned an important lesson that they too have to play a part in protecting our natural environment from pollution and destruction so that different ecosystems can continue to survive on Earth.

Lee Kong Chian.png
Lee Kong Chian 2.png
Lee Kong Chian 3.pngLee Kong Chian 4.png

Building Blocks in Science

To create a more stimulating and fun-filled lesson, our Primary 6 were provided an opportunity to learn Science with Lego.  Through the building blocks activity, pupils’ problem-solving and organisational skills are enhanced.  It also improves their creativity and enriches their communication and critical thinking skills.  During the lesson, pupils used the toy car that they had constructed to test a Science hypothesis on kinetic energy.

Building Blocks .png
Building Blocks 2.png

Recycling Carnival

From 8th November to 10th November 2016, our Primary 6 pupils hosted the annual Recycling Carnival at the school hall as part of our post-exam activities for our P6s.  The pupils used recyclable materials such as egg crates, cans, cardboards and plastic bottles to create fun games that both pupils and staff can play.  During the two days, the hall was bustling with excitement and energy.  The proceeds from this recycling effort will be donated to the Singapore Children's Society and Children's Cancer Foundation.

Recycling 1.pngRecycling 2.png
Recycling 3.png
Recycling 4.png


Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 

Our Primary 5 pupils were entrusted with the task of creating the best flying paper planes.  Our enthusiastic pupils took up the challenge and explored their creativity and innovation by designing and building flying machines. 

True to our school value of Passion for Learning, our young scientists enhanced their knowledge in aerodynamics through research and learnt about the theory of flight as they folded and flew paper planes countless times till they achieved their best result. They had much fun challenging one another during the class and inter-class competitions. The best teams then participated in the national SAFMC at the Singapore Science Centre.


1st Prize winners of the Precision Award under the Student Class Category.

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2016_2.pngSingapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2016_3.png

3rd Prize winners of the Time Aloft Award under the Student Class Category.

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2016_4.pngSingapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2016_5.png

Sigma Science Day @ NJC

A team of 5 Primary 4 pupils took part in Sigma Science Day organised by The South Zone Centre of Excellence (Science and Technology) @ NJC.  The competition aims to bring together students from primary and secondary schools in the South Zone for a friendly competition and to bring Science to life. This year Yangzheng attained 2nd Prize for Team Gamma and won the 1st Prize under Team Gpsilon.

Sigma 1.png
Sigma 2.png

ICAS Science

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science assess pupils’ skills in key scientific areas which include interpreting and analysing data and higher-order thinking skills.  This year, 285 pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 6 took part in the competition. Six pupils accomplished the High Distinction award while 40 other pupils attained Distinction award. Seventy-two pupils received the Credit award and 19 pupils achieved the Merit award. 



8th International Young Whizzes Challenge @ ACJC

This year 16 Primary 5 pupils participated in the International Young Whizzes Challenge organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College Science and Mathematics Council.  The quiz aims to stimulate the minds of our young pupils to explore Science with a different perspective and at a higher level beyond the classroom. Two of our pupils emerged as Gold and Bronze award winners.

Young Whizzes 1.png
Young Whizzes 2.png
Young Whizzes 3.png

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad

Every year NUS High School of Mathematics and Science organizes the annual Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO).  This competition aims to promote an active interest in Science among our primary school students and also provides an avenue for showcasing the abilities of our nation’s young scientific minds and seeks to nurture young science talents. This year Yangzheng provided opportunity for 8 pupils to take part in this competition.  They went through a training programme conducted by Yangzheng teachers.  One of the 8 Yangzhengnites made us proud by attaining the Silver award under the Individual category.

Olympiad 1.png
Olympiad 2.png


Sony Creative Science Award- Friends of SCSA award

Yangzheng has been actively taking part in the Sony Creative Science Award for the past 3 years.  For our efforts in organizing internal mini-competitions to showcase our young talents in toy-making, Yangzheng was awarded the Friends of SCSA this year.

SCSA 1.png
SCSA 2.png

Community in Bloom

The biennial Community in Bloom Award recognizes and rewards gardening and environmental efforts of various organisations.  This year Yangzheng Primary School was presented the Gold award for our tireless efforts in improving the standards of our eco-garden and in organizing a variety of activities to promote the love of gardening in our pupils.  Besides these efforts, our team of enthusiastic pupils and teachers also created opportunities for the whole school to take part in Reducing, Reusing and Recycling activities to create a positive impact on our environment.

Bloom 2.png


Learning Fiesta for Parents

On 28th January, our school held its 7th Learning Fiesta cum Parents’ Briefing at Yangzheng. The Science department organised two workshops for the parents: Acquiring Science Process Skills at P3 & P4 Levels and Alternative Conceptions in Science.

Parents of Primary 3 and 4 pupils learned what the targeted process skills that are related to the primary school Science Lower Block syllabus are and how they could support their children in their preparation for Holistic Assessments.   On the other hand, common alternative conceptions that are related to the primary school Science syllabus were shared with parents of Primary 5 and 6 pupils. A short sharing on answering technique for Science questions was also conducted.

Learning Fiesta 2016 -1.png

Learning Fiesta 2016-2.png

Learning Fiesta 2016-3.png

Staff Values-in-Action

On 3rd February 2016, teachers from the Science Department visited Kwong Wai Shiu Home along with the rest of the staff for our community work.  We assisted the residents to create their own toy which can also be used to strengthen their hand muscles and coordination.  The staff of Yangzheng had a meaningful and enriching experience interacting with the elderly.  The smiles on their faces warmed our hearts and souls.


Staff Learning Fiesta


Every year, teachers embark on exploring new strategies to value-add and improve pupils' learning as part of our Professional Learning Circle. This year teachers in the Science department focused on developing techniques that help pupils communicate Science concepts effectively when answering open-ended questions. We shared our learning experiences with our fellow colleagues on 16th November. It was an enriching learning experience.