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Student Leadership

The Pupil Leadership programme in Yangzheng Primary School aims to empower our Yangzhengnites by developing them holistically to their fullest potential. The Pupil Leadership Programme enables our pupils to realise their potential through building the necessary skills, confidence, motivation and effective relationships to develop competent leaders. The broadening of the pupil leaders’ base was adopted with the aim of providing leadership opportunities for a greater number of pupils and in nurturing the leadership potential of these pupil leaders. We strongly believe that this opportunity and training will cater to the strengths, interests and needs of the pupils, the school and the larger community.  The training given will equip our Pupil Leaders with specific skills and competencies to carry out their responsibilities well to the best of their abilities.

Prefects' Investiture 2017

This year, a total of 35 prefects went through the investiture to become full-fledged prefects and to receive their Prefect ties from our Principal, Mrs Christine Lam. The Prefectorial Board has a total of 67 prefects, including 1 Head Prefect, 1 Vice Head Prefect and 8 Prefect leaders. The Prefects go through multiple training sessions to build and hone their leadership skills. The training sessions provide many opportunities for all prefects to develop their leadership potential and through which they experience the rewards and challenges that come with being a leader.  Leaders@Action termly trainings, Conflict Management training, Leaders S6 Cluster Training are some of the key training programmes which are being conducted in 2017. Our Prefects will also participate in VIA Projects such as School Fund Raising Projects, Pupil Suggestion Scheme and other school related events in 2017. Our Yangzheng prefects have certainly done well and we send our sincere appreciation to all prefects for their passion and commitment to serve the school and for upholding the Prefects motto of “To lead Is To Serve”.

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On 20 May 2017, 200 pupil leaders attended the Leaders@Action Training Programme. Through the training, pupil leaders became clearer of their leadership roles and responsibilities. Pupil leaders had the opportunity to understand what it means to analyse situations and to make decisions based on, moral and ethical considerations. They also learnt to communicate information and ideas clearly and collaborate effectively as a team.

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S6 Cluster Leadership training at Yangzheng Primary School

On 14 July 2017, our Prefects participated in a Cluster Leadership Training organized by Yangzheng Primary School. Pupil leaders from the 4 cluster schools joined us for this training. The training served as a platform for pupil leaders from YZPS and the cluster schools to gain a better understanding of what it is to challenge the process and to search for opportunities to change the status quo. Leaders learnt, exchanged ideas and collaborated as a team. It was an enriching experience for both the teachers and the pupils.

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