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Total Defence Day 2015

Total Defence Day


On Monday, 16 February 2015 our school commemorated Total Defence (TD). Based on the theme “Our SAF : Giving Strength to Our Nation., Yangzhengnites learnt about the important role of SAF in TD.

Prior to the TD, our pupils went through activities during the English and Mother Tongue CCE lessons. These activities taught them about the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and how as  children, they can play their part in TD.

The Yangzhengnites also had a memorable food rationing activity during recess, as they consumed sweet potatoes and tapioca. This allowed them to empathize with the hardships suffered by our forefathers during the Japanese Occupation.

During the assembly programme, pupils watched a video presentation and skit put up by Yangzheng teachers and pupils. The programme reminded pupils about the importance of TD and how they can be part of it. There was also a fire drill exercise to ensure that everyone remains vigilant and learn the importance of Civil Defence.