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English Language

The English Language department seeks to develop the students into effective communicators who can communicate fluently and appropriately in Standard English. The school aims to provide a rich environment for communication that will explicitly foster listening and speaking skills and focus on the achievement of the Learning Outcomes. Students are actively engaged in curriculum-enhanced activities to boost their confidence in the use of language and promote collaboration among learners.


Curriculum-Enhanced Activities

School-wide Activities

Level Activities


Building Blocks

NLB Mass Borrowing

Read and Enjoy Publication



Show and Tell

P1 – 2

Reader’s Theatre

P3 - 4

Theatre Experience


Little Red Dot

P4 – 6

 Writing Honours

P4 – 6 

Lit-up Programme 


Show and Tell

Show and Tell activity enables students to reap great benefits when they present in class. It helps them to become confident speakers. Show and Tell activity provides an opportunity for them to practice academic vocabulary, pronunciation, expression and other skills which will advantage them in oracy.



Show and Tell in a Lower Primary class.


Building Blocks

Building Blocks activities allow students to have the platform to interpret and communicate information in a creative way and link it to their experiences outside the classroom. They are challenged to communicate with their peers and create models based on situations presented to them. Learning through play allows them to make mistakes and test their assumptions without thinking about examination pressure. Based on their creations, the students collaborate in groups to explore ideas and descriptions for writing. Blocking Blocks is used as a tool to allow students to generate ideas to present their creations from blocks to writings.




Using LEGO® building blocks, students create different scenarios to build up description skills in writing.

Reader’s Theatre

Reader’s theatre is a style of performing in which the students present dramatic readings of narrative material without costumes, props, scenery, or special lighting. It is a strategy for developing reading fluency as students need to reread their part several times to prepare for it. It builds their confidence and helps them to learn to read aloud with expression.


EL6.jpgMiddle Primary students reciting their scripts on stage.

Primary 4 Theatre Experience

Theatre Experience is an empowering way for students to learn effective and clear communication which is an essential life skill. There are opportunities for shy students to slowly build up their confidence using body languages. During the programme, they get to nurture their ability to empathise by studying the personalities of the characters and broadening their imagination when they explore ways to problem-solve the scenarios given to them.


EL8.jpgA Primary 4 Theatre Experience class in session.


Little Red Dot Publication

The Little Red Dot (LRD) is an attractive publication by the Singapore Press Holdings which is pitched at the reading level of primary school students. LRD focused on English Language learning, news and current events, with elements of social emotional learning, values education and National Education. The use of current news makes learning authentic and interesting. It is used in the classroom to help students to improve in their communication and reflection skills through group work and discussion. It enables students to exercise skills such as critical thinking as they discuss the latest events.


EL10.jpgThe P4-P6 programme for English Language aims to deepen the teacher-student relationship through the discussion and reflections of articles in the Little Red Dot.

Lit-up Programme

Literary texts are included in the English curriculum so that students can experience the richness of the English Language. They provide exemplary models of writing for students and help them become discerning thinkers and readers. Literature transports learners to other places and exposes them to real-life values.

EL11 1.jpg

The Literature text used for Lit-up programme


Collaboration with NLB for the termly Road shows

Reading is essential for students to be successful in school and in their journey through life. Thus, it is important to make books easily accessible to all students. By having the National Library Board (NLB) to bring more books to the school, students will be able to borrow books without the need to travel to any of the NLB libraries.


EL13.jpgStudents enjoying the wide selection of books during the NLB mass borrowing days.

Writing Honours

The Writing Honours is an inaugural writing competition organized by the English Department for the Primary 4 to 6 students through the use of the Student Learning Space (SLS) platform. The objective of the competition is to encourage creativity and  develop critical thinking skills through writing. The competition aims to bring out the students' ability to think deeply and write persuasively while presenting well-connected ideas in a compact fashion. Different stimulus was given for each level. The students may submit a prose or a poetry related to the stimuli. Selected entries will be published in our school publication “Read and Enjoy”. The rest of the entries will be edited and showcased on the English Department noticeboard in school. 


Primary 4 stimulus

image 1.png


Primary 5 stimulus

image 2.png

Primary 6 stimulus