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Tamil Language

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2017

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The Mother Tongue Fortnight is an annual event that is held in school. During this period the Tamil Department organised many in-house activities in the classroom for the pupils to enrich their cultural and language experience. Pupils played a number of language games in the classroom and introduction of literary poets also took place in the classroom. Memory games, Spelling Bee and Story Challenge activities were well received by the pupils. P3 to P6 pupils also wrote essays based on CCE values. Concourse activities were organised for pupils. Non-Indian pupils did flower tying activity and Tamil pupils did Translation activities. On the whole, the Mother Tongue Fortnight was enriching for the pupils.

Amazing Race

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The Tamil Department had its first collaboration with an external organisation, Kalai Pithers Society Pte Ltd involving P3 to P6 pupils in a language and cultural game, the amazing race. The pupils learnt about the Chola Empire which once ruled India through activities that revolves around it. The event started off with an introduction about the Chola Empire. Following that the pupils learnt about the Emperors, the way of life and literary works through puzzles, re-enactment, riddles and Treasure hunt. They also had a cut out of the Chola king which pupils could take photos with.  The event provided the pupils an opportunity to learn about the Tamil culture and understand about a Kingdom which existed long ago.

Tamil Language and Cultural Camp

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The Tamil Language and Cultural camp was organized for P3 to P5 pupils. The main objective of the camp is to allow pupils to learn the cultural and linguistic elements which are linked to to Tamil Language.

Pupils had 3 interesting activities during the camp. Pupils learnt about the rules of the kabaddi game and played in groups. They also learnt how to play another traditional board game called the ‘pagadai’ with their co-participants. Besides these the language component was also very interesting. Pupils were given a set of things to find which they then had to use them to tell a story. Pupils were very active during the camp and the activities benefitted the pupils greatly.

Drama- Thisaivegam

P3 to P5 pupils attended a Theatrical performance “Thisaivegam” at the Grassroots Club. It was a compilation of 3 short plays. Pupils saw the drama and enjoyed the comical elements of the drama and were able to relate to the subject matter that was presented. A number of Tamil songs were also used in the plays and the pupils enjoyed them tremendously.