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National Education (NE) at Yangzheng Primary School engages Yangzhengnites in the development of values, knowledge and 21st century skills and competencies to realize the school’s Vision of ‘Every Yangzhengnite: A Passionate Learner, Caring Friend and Responsible Citizen’. The focus is to develop each Yangzhengnite to be a ‘Responsible Citizen’ who is rooted to Singapore and has a strong sense of civic responsibility.

National Education (NE) Framework

The school’s NE framework with the ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ approach with key thrusts viz Enabling and Equipping Educators , Engaging and Empowering Students and Enhancing NE through Strengthening School-Home Community Linkages articulates the school’s NE goal and is aligned to the Instructional and Co-Curricular Programmes.


Teachers take ownership of NE programmes and they experiment with innovative ways to engage Yangzhengnites in NE. They reflect on their teaching and learning of NE in the classrooms through platforms such as PLCs and customize resources to engage their pupils in NE. A systematic approach is adopted to provide a variety of NE programmes/activities to nurture character and citizenship in Yangzhengnites.





Learning NE values through Project Work (P1 – 6)

 YZPS Heritage Gallery Lessons are conducted by variousIP and non IP Departments 

Commemoration of NE Core Events and Celebrations

The school adopts a systematic process to monitor the implementation of the NE programmes. NE programmes are also actively supported by key stakeholders who provide financial resources, render their services and participate in the school’s NE commemorative events and celebrations.


Yangzhengnites all dressed up for Racial Harmony Day Commemoration

The school’s International pupils involved during the International Friendship DayCommemoration 

NE Ambassadors 

Leadership opportunities are provided for Yangzhengnites to lead, initiate activities and to participate actively in NE. There are also communication channels available for Yangzhengnites to raise concerns on how they would like to improve the school’s NE programmes.


Our NE Ambassadors guiding the GOH Ms Indranee to create the food miniatures at the S6 Cluster Hawker Culture and Heritage exhibition at Bartley Secondary.

NE Ambassadors on their learning journey at Sun Yat Sen Ville (Nanyang Memorial Hall)


Please refer to MOE website (http://ne.moe.edu.sg/) for additional information on National Education.