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Physical Education


Mr Simon Lee

Ms Cindy Lim – CCA Coordinator
Ms Celine Chew – Fun & Fitness Coordinator
Mrs Annie Chan – Senior Teacher/ Lower Primary PE Coordinator

Mr Dominic Heng
Mr Jason Goh Buan Huang

Mr Samuel Chan


 Our pupils putting in their best effort in Captain's Ball during Sports Fiesta Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils displaying teamwork during Lower Primary Sports Day
 The pupils pitting their skills in a Basketball Match The pupils pitting their skills in a Basketball Match
 Dodging the ball is the key to winning a Dodgeball game "Putting their best foot forward" in a game of football

Physical Education (PE) plays an important role in the physical growth and development of pupils. Through PE, pupils acquire the knowledge, skills, right attitudes and values towards the pursuit of a lifelong physically active and healthy lifestyle. It also provides an avenue for pupils to express themselves through movement and physical activity.


Physical activity is the cornerstone of the PE programme. The PE programme in Yangzheng Primary is engaging and provides opportunities for pupils to develop a positive association with physical activity.  Through PE, pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical activities such as sports and games and acquire the concepts and skills that will enable them to participate in these sports and games both for leisure and competition.


In addition, PE provides a natural platform and valuable opportunities to develop self-management skills, social and co-operative skills, and build character. It serves to complement other educational areas in promoting the desired outcomes of education. In particular, PE helps to cultivate healthy habits, teamwork, resilience and resolve.


Yangzheng Primary also believe that through PE lessons, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) and other sports events/programmes and activities organised by the PE Department, we can inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork in our pupils.


The PE Syllabus in Yangzheng Primary covers the following areas:


  • Health & fitness management
  • Fundamental movements
  • Games and Sports
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Games
  • Dance
  • Outdoor Education


Is there a focus for each level in what they need to master?
The Lower Primary level focuses on fundamental movements, educational gymnastics, outdoor education and dance, which develop pupils’ psychomotor skills, control and co-ordination.  These will lay the foundations for the further learning of more advanced psychomotor skills, sports and games.


YZPS has been organising a compulsory ‘Swim Safe’ Programme for all P3 pupils since 2011.  This programme replaced the Learn to Swim Programme.  These lessons are conducted outside curriculum time by external vendors in line with the MOE goals to equip all school-going children with the knowledge to swim safely.


YZPS has also embarked on a new initiative; Programme for Pupils’ Active Learning, (PAL) for the lower primary pupils. 


The Upper Primary level focuses on further development and refinement of fundamental movements and psychomotor skills through a broad range of physical activities such as educational gymnastics, track & field, games, dance, athletics and swimming.  In games, pupils will be introduced to different games concepts through the games concepts approach.  Here pupils are taught game skills so that when they leave YZPS, they will know how to play at least 3 games competently.




Formerly known as the Trim – And - Fit (TAF) programme, the Fun & Fitness programme is catered to curb the obesity rate in the school.  Pupils who are overweight will go through a rigorous but fun  programme.


Pupils who have been identified will be involved in daily physical activities during recess (Mondays to Thursdays).  They will participate in games and exercise for 20 minutes after which they will rest and consume healthy snacks (sandwiches & fruits/ nuts – brought from home).  This will be monitored by the teachers in charge.


Special programmes such as aerobics sessions, ultimate frisbee, hikes to nature reserves and games day are organized and conducted to promote healthy living amongst the pupils.


To ensure YZPS is a healthy and fun environment, PE equipment such as basketballs, soccer balls, skipping ropes and bean bags are loaned out to the pupils during recess to use and engage in active play with their friends. 


 On Fridays, all P3 to P6 pupils come to school in their respective House T-shirts and engage in early morning exercise before lessons begin.


Together with our committed and dedicated teachers, and with the support of the parents, we are determined to ensure all pupils are holistically developed to be useful citizens of Singapore.