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Social Studies


-       enable students to better understand the interconnectedness of living in Singapore and the world they live in. 

-       seek to ignite students’ curiosity to learn more about real-world issues.

-      Through lessons, students learn and understand real-world issues, develop critical and reflective thinking skills and view multiple perspectives through the process of inquiry learning and authentic learning experiences.

Features of Social Studies in YZPS

-       Weekly lessons

-       Yearly Field-based Learning (FbL) and performance tasks


Learning Focus

FbL Venue

Performance Tasks

Primary 1

Pupils to develop an understanding of:

-        Appreciating the places around them

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Poster of animal and their habitat

Primary 2

Pupils to develop an understanding of:

-        Appreciating the diverse communities in Singapore

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Poster of insects showing their similarities and differences.

Primary 3

Pupils to develop an understanding of:

-        Singapore’s physical environment

-        Land use in Singapore

-        How Singapore manages its resources to meet the needs of the country

Land Transport (LT) Gallery


3-D models of our city/park using reusable  materials

Primary 4

Pupils to develop an understanding of:

-        What life was like in the past

 -    The role of migrant in shaping what Singapore is today

Chinatown Heritage trail


Our Heritage Project using cereals boxes (recycled)

Primary 5

Pupils to develop an understanding of:

-        Learn about how people lived in the past study and reflect on contributions of various people who lived in Singapore in the past

Singapore River & Asian Civilization Museum


Making a "Thank You" plaque using PPT to thank the contributions of specific early settlers for their help in developing Singapore 

Primary 6

Pupils to develop an understanding of:

-        how to raise awareness on the value of preserving World Heritage Sites

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Explore UNESCO site and pupils take the role of a “Cultural Preservation Advocate” and decide on a site that they will preserve.

       Multi Cultural Programme

Bunga Manggar.png
Making the Bunga Manggar ( Malay Cultural Activity)

Making the Toranum (Indian Cultural Activity)    

 Face mask.png
  Painting the Chinese Face Mask (Chinese Cultural Hub)

     Hawker Culture Programme

Hawker Culture.pngHawker Culture1.png
Hawker Culture2.pngHawker Culture4.png
Hawker Culture5.png

Values In Action (VIA) Framework

The school’s Values In Action (VIA) Framework is an integral part of holistic education. A structured VIA Framework with a range of activities are planned and implemented with:

  • P1-P2 levels focusing on care for the school,
  • P3-P4 levels focusing on care for the environment,
  • P5-P6 levels focusing on care for the community.



Learning Focus

P1 – P6

1.     Classroom Cleanliness

2.     Canteen Cleanliness

3.     Spring Cleaning Activity

Pupils take the responsibility for the cleanliness of the school environment by keeping the places such as school compound clean.



Dengue Prevention Programme


Pupils take part in the Dengue Prevention Programme in which they are required to:

-        know what is dengue fever,

-        know what are Aedes mosquitoes and

-        ways to prevent dengue fever and breeding of Aedes mosquito.

Pupils create a poster on the awareness of dengue prevention.



Clean Singapore Trail


Pupils to understand the importance of :

-        the part they play to keep the environment clean

-        appreciate what goes into keeping Singapore clean

-   how their actions can help maintain a clean environment all day.

Pupils are to pick litter around the  neighbourhood.



Toy Buffet for

Food from the Heart (FFTH)

Pupils to

-        participate in a toy donation drive by donating and/or  collecting either brand new or used toys

-   wrap the toys as gifts and write messages to the beneficiaries.



Modified Service Learning Project – Recycling Carnival

to raise funds for ‘Children Cancer Society’ and ‘Singapore Children’s Society’.

Pupils are involved in the planning as well as participating in the modified service learning project.


Other VIA Programmes


Games booths at KWSH by Student Leaders

Student leaders prepare game booths for the patient of KWSH and spend time with them.

Heartland Ambassador Programme (For selected P3 and P4 pupils)

Pupils are encouraged to appreciate their living environment by adopting the eco lifestyle and becoming role model for living in the heartlands.

Pupils participate in a training programme after which they will embark on eco assessments for hands-on experience as well as to bring eco tips to residents in the heartlands.

Share-A-Meal programme


Pupils donate their pocket money to offer prompt assistance to students and their families when there is a loss of income as a result of death, illness or accident of a family member.

Community Chest Donation

-        Annual donation drive to help children with special needs.


Skipping@SouthEast Programme

-        Fund raising skip where the number of skips accumulated are exchanged for a safety product.


Step-Up@SouthEast Programme

-        Fund raising walk where the number of steps accumulated are exchanged for a healthy product.


Dengue Prevention Poster

Clean Singapore 1.pngClean Singapore.png
Clean Singapore Trail

Recycling.pngRecycling 2.png
  Recycling Carnival

Heartland.pngHeartland 2.png
Heartland Ambassador Programme