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Chinese New Year Celebrations

Yangzheng Primary School celebrated the Chinese New Year on 18th February with a concert filled with wonderful performances from our talented Yangzhengnites.


Lion Dance performance from Yeung Ching Scouts



Little Dragon Dance performance from our lovely pupils



Wow! Angpows from our Principal to the Operation Support Staff and Contract Cleaners



Prize Presentation: Calligraphy, Lantern Making and Best Classroom Decoration competitions


Our confident emcees for the concert



Guzheng performance: “Gong Xi Gong Xi”《恭喜恭喜》and “Da Di Hui Chun”《大地回春》



Skit: 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals usher in the Year of Goat / Sheep



   Chinese Dance: 唧唧鱼儿跃


Wushu performance by our Young Heroes, school leaders and teachers



The finale: 《开心过年》,《贺新年》


Mrs Lam, Ms Yak and Mr Ng presented teachers with mandarin oranges.