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P1 Orientation 2015

Yangzheng strongly encourages the enthusiastic participation of family members in their child’s educational journey with the school. It was heartwarming to see the number of not only mothers but fathers as well who accompanied their children to school on their first day.


A new chapter of life begins!



The school introduces the school curriculum to the parents of the new pupils with a briefing, while the P1 pupils are welcomed to our Yangzhengnite family with a dance specially prepared by their young seniors.



Apart from that, a series of activities was arranged to ease the P1 pupils into their new environment. Not only the teachers were involved in the thoughtful organization of the event, their P4 seniors had also stepped forward to guide them through the first few days of school by assisting them during recesses.


The P1 pupils were engaged in a variety of fun activities that allowed them to familiarize with the school as well as their new friends. They enjoyed themselves tremendously during the mass dance, school tour and ice-breaking activities! 


Starting the day



Orientation buddies!


New class, new friends.


Let’s dance!


Getting to know the school


Fun in the classroom


Expressing our gratitude to our P4 Buddies