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E3 Day

P1 Learning Journey- Singapore Zoological Gardens

11 March 2016 was a very special day for our Primary One pupils as it was the first time they were embarking on a learning journey. They made their way to the Singapore Zoological Gardens with their form and co-form teachers and what an adventure they had!  They saw many animals and discovered many interesting facts about them. In addition, pupils had fun with their classmates and teachers outside their normal school environment. It was indeed a valuable opportunity for bonding.

Pupils also completed the activity booklets that had been specially prepared for them. All of them had an enriching learning experience through the English and Mathematics activities in the booklets.

Everyone would agree that they had a fun and fruitful trip! 

P1 E3-1png.pngP1 E3-2.png
Excited faces upon arrival at the Zoo At the White Tiger enclosure
 P1 E3-3.pngP1 E3-4.png
  Watching the “Splash Safari” ShowAnswering questions in the Activity Booklet at the Snake and Reptiles  enclosure    
P1 E3-5.pngP1 E3-6.png
  Learning about Orangutans from the information panels at the enclosure  At the Giraffe enclosure

P2 Learning Journey - Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

On 11 March 2016, the P2 level, together with their form and co-form teachers, visited the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom at Sentosa. The Butterfly Park tour was informative and educational for everyone. The pupils gained a better appreciation of the animals and insects which are all around them and the importance of doing their parts to preserve the diversity of the animal and insect species. Through the canopy walk and bark tree rubbing activities, pupils had the opportunity to use their senses of touch, sight and hearing to observe the insects in their living environment. The learning journey culminated in a memorable bubble blowing activity for all the P2 pupils before they headed back to school.

P2 E3-1.pngP2 E3 -2.png
Guided Tour in Butterfly ParkLearning about the insects
P2 E3-3.png P2 E3-4.png 
A photo with our guide      Tree bark rubbing activity
P2 E3-5.pngP2 E3-6.png
Canopy WalkHaving fun with bubbles

P3 Learning Journey – Jurong Bird Park

No doubt about it, the Primary 3 pupils had an enriching experience at the Jurong Bird Park on 11 March 2016. In high spirits, they embarked on an exciting tour around the bird park, accompanied by their form and co-form teachers. They were greeted by the nocturnal owls with their piercing gaze and eerie looks in the darkness of their special enclosure. The pupils were also led through an aviary where they were able to get up close to the different species of birds, an experience that thoroughly excited the pupils! Some of the birds roamed freely while others were caged.

After a short break, the group sat down to the much anticipated bird show where the ‘Stars’ of the show flew just centimetres above their heads (leaving no droppings, thankfully!). The birds performed stunts such as flying through hoops which were so small you would think it was impossible for them to go through!

This learning journey allowed the P3 pupils the chance to discover a lot of interesting information about birds. Their passion for learning ignited, they headed back to school eager to share their new-found knowledge. Cheers!

Untitled.pngP3 E3-1.png
Where’s the rest of the Welcoming Committee?Don’t move! There’s something in the bushes!
 P3 E3-2.png P3 E3-3.png
  The look of enlightenment!Eager beavers awaiting the ‘Stars’ of the bird show    
 P3 E3-4.png P3 E3-5.png
 Is this a camera trick? We’re seeing double! Oh, it’s just the Ng twins enjoying themselves.One for the photo album 

P4 Learning Journey - Chinatown

On 11 March 2016, the Primary 4 pupils embarked on a learning journey to learn more about the heritage of our rich multi-cultural society and the history of Yangzheng Primary School.  

It was a self-directed learning journey as the pupils had to find answers to the quizzes using the tablet. The questions posed intrigued the pupils to learn more about our rich cultural heritage. 

The exciting learning journey included walking through Chia Ann Siang Hill, Club Street, Amoy Street and visiting Chinatown Heritage Centre.  Along Club Street and Sago Street, the pupils visited Yangzheng heritage sites, the stone steps and Yueng Ching Foundation Building. In addition, they visited the Thian Hock Keng temple to understand and appreciate the place of worship for the Taoist in Chinatown. They also observed ingenious architectural features of buildings in the past.  

At the end of the journey, the pupils gained more insights into the living conditions of the Chinese immigrants, their places of origin and the artefacts of their early occupations in Chinatown.

Entering Jamae Mosque, the place of worship of our Muslim friendsExploring a well which is a water source of early Singaporeans
Tracing our Yangzheng Heritage at Club StreetAppreciating our pioneers for their diligence and contributions

P5 Learning Journey - Singapore River

P5 E3-1.pngP5 E2-2.png
 Learning the origins of the current Asian Civilisation Museum Building

Digital Device Orientation for our pupils 

P5 E3-3.pngP5E3-4.png
 Walking along the Singapore River Learning at one of the beautifully-decorated underpass
 P5 E3-5.pngP5 E3-6.png
Our pupils engaged with the interactive online platformAt one of the historical Singapore River bridges

On 11 March 2016, the Primary 5 pupils embarked on an interactive heritage trail at the Singapore River. The Singapore River trail traces the story of Singapore’s growth, from its early beginnings as a quiet fishing village, to a free port, growing in prominence as entrepot trade was carried out.  The learning journey included walking along the offices, warehouses, jetties and historic buildings such as the current Asian Civilisation Museum at the Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay areas.


The Primary 5 pupils were provided with digital devices that guided them to understand the story of change and continuity of the Singapore River and its vicinity. This interactive heritage trail online platform was very engaging for our pupils as it contained ICT resources, videos and enabled them to submit their answers to quizzes.  


Through this learning journey, our pupils appreciated the special effort taken to create a unique city character for Singapore where the dynamism of the business area and the skyscrapers are contrasted with the idyllic charm of the quays and the historic remnants of our past. 

P6 Learning Journey - Singapore Botanic Gardens

On 11 March 2016, the P6 Yangzhengnites embarked on a learning journey to The Botanic Gardens which was newly-appointed as Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides admiring the flora and fauna, they were engaged in meaningful activities.

 At the Ginger Garden, pupils learnt about the different species of gingers and other plants from related families. They also visited the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House which houses the rarest and most fragrant orchids as well as The Cool House that contains many exotic flowers and a waterfall.

 The pupils were greeted by a wide variety of exquisite orchids as they entered The National Orchid Garden which is home to over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids from all over the world. They also had the opportunity to carry out a hands-on activity by doing their leaf printing. They were fully engaged throughout the entire experience.

 At the end of the learning journey, the pupils were brought to the picturesque hill overlooking the symphony stage for their picnic and various games and activities. They enjoyed themselves tremendously while eating and playing merrily.

 The Singapore Botanic Gardens portrays nature at its best. To the P6 Yangzhengnites, it is a unique and memorable attraction, like none other.

P6 LJ.png
P6 pupils enjoying themselves in the Botanic GardensP6E taking a memorable picture of themselves at the Botanic Gardens
P6 LJ-1.png20160311_114915.jpg 
Pupils being guided at the Ginger Garden    Team bonding games in the Botanic Gardens

Pupils doing leaf printing activityHaving fun and enjoying the scenery