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National Day

This year, our school celebrated our nation’s 51st birthday on 8th August 2016. This year’s National Day theme was, “Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow.”  Pupils participated in various National Day Introductory Lessons during the YZPS-CCE lessons which centered on the ideas of appreciation, collectiveness and contributions that reinforce their sense of belonging to Singapore.  In conjunction with the nation’s promotion of active lifestyles, all levels also took part in a specially prepared Sports Fiesta and Fun Friday Mass Walk.   

The long awaited community singing session brought the voices as one as we sang our hearts out to the tune of familiar National Day songs. The finale of this year’s celebration saw pupils from the International Dance CCA group and a team of 15 teachers came together to put up a dance performance to the tune of this year’s National Day song, “Tomorrow’s Here Today.”

ND 1.png
Pupils participating in the recess activities.   

Lower Primary pupils participating in the Fun Friday Mass Walk.   

 Everyone playing their part celebrating the Nation’s Birthday.