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P1 Orientation 2016

Yangzheng Primary School opened its doors on the first day of school on the 4 January 2016. The day was exceptionally exciting for a special group of children and their parents. Yes! It was the first time the new intake of Primary One pupils were attending school and they were definitely enthusiastic and elated about it. From the distance, you can easily spot these young and exuberant children walking hand in hand with their parents. It was truly heartening to see the little ones with their Mummy and Daddy entering the school hall which was specially decorated to welcome the new intake. Giant origami rabbits of various shades and hues decked the front of the hall and the steps of the stage to captivate the children’s attention. The form and co-form teachers too were all ready to welcome and receive the young ones to their classes.


New P1 Yangzhenites!



On behalf of the Yangzheng family, the Principal, Mrs Christine Lam, warmly welcomed the new pupils and their parents to the school, after which, all those present in the hall were treated to a dance performance by our very own International Dance Group. Mrs Lam and our team of key personnel then shared with the parents about the school curriculum and an overview of the programme for pupils’ well-being and PAL.

 “Here we are on our first day of school in the hall.”


“There’s so much fun in the classroom!”

Back in the classrooms, the P1 pupils were engaged in orientation activities specially catered to help them adjust to life in a primary school. Furthermore, all pupils in Primary 4 and 5A were tasked to take care of the P1 pupils during recess for the first two days of school. The senior buddies not only took good care of their younger buddies but spent time chatting and sharing about the school’s expectations, school vision and mission, as well as the PRISM values.


“Wow, the school is so big!”

“There’s a School Hall, Library, Canteen, General Office, Staff Room, four Computer Labs,two Music and Dance Rooms, two Art Rooms and four levels of classrooms. Yippee!”


“I know how to buy my own food, thanks to my Buddy.

I  can’t wait to tell Mummy and Daddy.They’re going to be so proud of me. Yippee!”


“THANK YOU for taking care of us, dearest P4 and P5A Buddies! We love you.”