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Total Defence Day 2016


Yangzheng Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day on the 15th of February, 2016. The theme this year, “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”, serves to remind everyone that we are responsible to defend Singapore.

The Total Defence Committee had planned various activities which aimed at developing understanding of what happened during the Japanese Occupation as well as the various aspects of Total Defence that are necessary for Singapore’s continued survival and success.

Total Defence 2016.pngAs The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) will be sounding its Public Warning System sirens at 6.20pm on that day, different types of pre-recorded sirens were used to familiarise the pupils with the Public Warning System signals during assembly prior to the actual sounding, so as to raise pupils’ awareness to this annual island wide exercise.

In a bid to replicate a food shortage scenario, the school conducted food rationing exercise for P3 –P6 pupils. Canteen vendors prepared wartime food items such as sweet potatoes and plain porridge. The purchase of these items can only be made through the use of ration coupon. It is to remind the pupils of our nation’s limited resources.

Probably the most memorable Total Defence Day school activity was the musical performance by a Malay Guzheng player.  He revamped the Total Defence Day Theme Songs, Count On Me Singapore and Home, where the school sang in harmony and ended the commemoration on a high note.