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E3 Day

P1 Learning Journey- Singapore Zoo

On 10 March 2017, the P1 pupils went on a Learning Journey to the zoo.  It was a fun and enriching learning experience for the pupils as they learnt to appreciate the animals around them. The pupils had the chance to see the animals close up in their enclosures or roaming around freely.  They had a lot of fun watching the animals and learning interesting facts about the animals. The pupils also watched an engaging Animal show with their teacher and co-form teacher.

Activity booklets were also prepared for the pupils and they enjoyed completing the activities inside the booklet.

In all, it was an enjoyable and rewarding trip for the pupils.


Upon arrival at the zoo Waiting for the Animals Friends Show to start
 P1_3.png P1_4.png
 Enjoying the Animals Friends ShowOne of our pupils in action 
Taking a picture with the giraffes

P2 Learning Journey- Butterfly Park and Insect Kindom

On 10 March 2017, the P2 level, together with the form and co-form teachers, visited the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom at Sentosa. The Butterfly Park guided tour was informative and educational for everyone. The pupils gained a better appreciation of the animals and insects which are all around them and the importance of doing their part to preserve the diversity of the animals and insect species. Through the canopy walk and activities planned for them at the Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre such as tree bark rubbing, pupils had the opportunity to use their senses of touch, sight and hearing to observe the insects in their living environment. It was a memorable learning journey for all of us.

At the Butterfly Garden Live insects interaction 
P2_3.png P2_4.png 
 At the Bird's EncounterCompleting the activities at the Sentosa Nature Discovery Centre 
 Tree bark rubbing activity Canopy Walk

P3 Learning Journey- Land Transport Gallery

On Friday, 10 March 2017, Primary 3 pupils went on a learning journey to Land Transport Gallery (LT Gallery).  It is a visitor centre of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) which showcases how the land transport system in Singapore has evolved over the years.  The gallery is made up of 6 different zones namely: Journeys, Memories, Formative years, Land Transport Today, Challenge Theatre and Vision and Aspirations.  The pupils had meaningful learning experiences in the different zones and participated in an interactive game which allowed them to be involved as a transport planner.  In the process, they experienced tough and real challenges in making decisions for a vibrant transport system in Singapore.

What is this red button in the MRT train for?  How did the Rattan Man control traffic in 1940s?
 Yay! I can be involved as a transport planner! Are you ready for the quiz?
   Can I answer a question on traffic rules?

P4 Learning Journey- Chinatown

On 10 March 2017, the Primary 4 pupils embarked on a learning journey to learn more about the heritage of our rich multi-cultural society and the history of Yangzheng Primary School.

It was a self-directed learning journey as the pupils had to find answers to the quizzes using the tablet. The questions posed intrigued the pupils to learn more about our rich cultural heritage.

The exciting learning journey included walking through Chia Ann Siang Hill, Club Street, Amoy Street and visiting Chinatown Heritage Centre.  Along Club Street and Sago Street, the pupils visited Yangzheng heritage site and Yueng Ching Foundation Building.  They also observed ingenious architectural features of buildings in the past.  

At the end of the journey, the pupils gained more insights into the living conditions of the Chinese immigrants, their places of origin and the artefacts of their early occupations in Chinatown.

 Entering Jamae Mosque, the place of worship of our Muslim friends.

Exploring a well which is a water source of early settlers.
 Tracing our Yangzheng Heritage at Club Street.Pupils visited the Chinese Heritage Centre and learnt more about the lifestyle of the early Chnese immigrants. 

P5 Learning Journey- Singapore River

On 10 March 2017, the Primary 5 pupils embarked on an interactive heritage trail at the Singapore River.

The aim of this trail is to let pupils experience mobile learning. It encompasses the concept of self-directed and collaborative learning. The pupils did pair-work and were provided with mobile devices. The learning package included engaging videos and short quizzes for pupils to learn more about our early settlers. The pupils gained insights on the roles of chettiars at the Singapore River which was also Raffles’ landing site. They also learnt about the clean river project at Boat Quay, the significance of the prominent Italian sculpture at Elgin Bridge and the historical remnants at Coleman Bridge.

Through this learning journey, the pupils got the opportunity to have an authentic learning experience by visiting the actual environment. Upon completion of the trail, pupils learnt about the contributions of our early settlers at the Singapore River and how that shaped the Singapore of today.

 Pupils taking a group photo at Raffles' landing site.Pupils learning about the significance of Singapore River's past activities that contributed to Singapore's thriving business economy. 
P5_1.JPG P5_4.JPG 
Pupils attempting to answer the online quizzes.Pupils taking a group photo at Clarke Quay- An area in the past for locals to hear stories accounted by storytellers.

P6 Learning Journey - Singapore Botanic Gardens

On 10 March 2017, our Primary 6 Yangzhengnites embarked on a learning journey to The Singapore Botanic Gardens (the Gardens), which was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pupils learnt about its heritage and contributions to the economic, social and scientific development of the region through a series of meaningful trails.  

At the Ginger Garden, the pupils learnt about the different types of ginger plants, their reproduction method and how these plants store their food.

The pupils visited the Tan Hoon Siang Mist House which houses the rarest and most fragrant orchids. They also visited The Cool House that contains many exotic flowers.

The pupils were greeted by a wide variety of exquisite orchids as they entered The National Orchid Garden which is home to over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids from all over the world.   

Before the trail ended, pupils were tasked to carry out a hands-on activity on Tree Bark Rubbing. Each pupil placed a piece of paper over the bark of a tree and rubbed a pencil over it. They were fully engaged throughout the entire experience.  

At the end of the learning journey, all pupils were brought to the picturesque hill overlooking the symphony stage to have their picnic and games. They enjoyed themselves tremendously while eating and playing merrily.  

The Singapore Botanic Gardens portrays nature at its best. To the Primary 6 Yangzhengnites, it is a unique attraction, like none other.

 Pupils busy looking for answers at the VIP Orchid GardensPupils being guided by the facilitator during the trail 
Tree Bark Rubbing activityIt's picnic and games time!