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International Friendship Day

The International Friendship Day (IFD) falls on the 3rd Friday of Term 2 every year.  This year, we celebrated IFD on 3rd April with fun-filled assembly programmes line up for the pupils. During the assembly, the pupils were briefed on what is ASEAN as this year’s IFD theme was “ASEAN 50”. The pupils were introduced to greetings in different languages by the school’s International pupils representing their ASEAN countries. At the end of the assembly, there was a quiz which recapitulate pupils’ understanding of ASEAN.   

Starting from 5th to 7th April, all pupils from P1 to P6 participated in the traditional games during their recesses. Traditional games such as chapteh, five stones, zero point and hawk catching the young chicks were played. Other than that, pupils also get to participate in a quiz whereby they stand to win attractive prizes when they answer questions about ASEAN in their recess activity sheet. 

Assembly Programme Quiz on ASEAN 
 IFD_3.png IFD_4.png
 P1 and P2 pupils playing five stones during recessThe pupils are keen to know more about ASEAN countries 
 IFD_5.png IFD_6.png
Happy pupils who receive their prizes for getting all their answers correct in the IFD Recess Activity SheetMr Simon Lee demonstrating his chapteh playing skills!
   Enthusiastic P6 pupils trying out one of the traditional games-Hawk Catching the Young Chicks!