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National Day Celebrations 2017

    This year, our school celebrated our nation’s 52nd birthday. Our celebration activities started weeks before National Day.  Familiar and past National Day songs were broadcast over the PA system to build a Singapore Spirit amongst Yangzhengnites.  Pupils participated in fringe activities organized in accordance to this year’s National Day theme “#OneNationTogether.” Each level of pupils did different activities during the Social Studies period such as creating a Cheer, Poem and Montage. The children also played various traditional games such as Marbles(Goli), Chapteh, Congkak ,Gasing(Spinning top) and Taboo(Singapore version) Card game during their recesses.  

    On 8th August 2017, the first half of the National Day celebrations kicked off with the observance ceremony as the Scouts and Brownies marched-in with pride. For the second half, Mrs Lam read the National Day message to the school and a Recollections animation followed after. Prizes were then given out to the deserving winners of the different level classroom decorations. Next, our emcees shared the significance and how our theme and logo for the year came about. A Game Quiz ensued whereby the audience had to guess the title of the community songs after listening to a snippet of it. Needless to say, the celebrations would not be complete without the long awaited sing along session of old and familiar, evergreen National Day songs led by teachers. Truly, it was a jubilant and awesome celebration of how far Singapore has come. Happy 52nd Birthday, Singapore!

Best class decoration – P2E 

Best class decoration – P3B   
Best class decoration – P4A 
Pupil playing with Chapteh
Pupils at the Taboo Game Station 
Pupils playing Goli(Marbles) 
Pupils playing Congkak