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NE Show 2017

   This year, our Primary 5 Yangzhengnites attended the NE Show on 15th July 2017. The NE show was held at The Float@Marina Bay.  The NE show was part of the curriculum to evoke a sense of patriotism, impart the significance of National Day and develop group spirit among pupils and commitment to community and nation. This year’s theme is “One Nation Together”.            

   In school, the pupils were provided with fun packs which contained interesting goodies. Our school was assigned to a dedicated train ride via Circle Line to Promenade station to reach the floating platform. We were entertained with the sky-diving displays, Parade marchpast and spectacular performances. We were also awed by the magnificent fireworks display which was definitely the main highlight of the whole NE show.            

   Everyone was in high spirits as we sang the National Anthem and took our pledge. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and felt privilege to be part of the NE show 2017.

NE Show_1.png
Yangzhengnites anxiously waiting for the show to start 
 NE Show_2.png
It’s dinnertime for our P5 Yangzhengnites 
NE Show_3.png 
NDP 2017 – One Nation Together