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Racial Harmony Day 2017

Racial Harmony Day is commemorated in Singapore every year on 21 July to mark the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots. This year, the theme for Racial Harmony Day is “The Singapore Way”. Yangzhengnites learnt how to tolerate differences and embrace diversity through the various activities lined up for them.  

During the week of Racial Harmony Day, Yangzhengnites had the opportunity to try out the different traditional games and were able to adorn themselves with costumes and accessories of the different major ethnic groups in Singapore during recess.

The Racial Harmony Day Assembly Programme taught pupils the difference between celebration and commemoration. Pupils also watched a video produced by our own Yangzhengnites on how to tolerate and embrace the different cultural practices. The International Dancers put up a spectacular performance incorporating the different ethnic moves.

Through the activities on Racial Harmony Day, Yangzhengnites learnt to make friends with people of other races and religions. They also learnt that in Singapore, people are treated equally regardless of their race and religion.

Our emcees, reminding Yangzhengnites on the importance of embracing diversity. 
Yangzhengnites looking fabulous in their ethnic costumes 
Fun time: Traditional games with Mrs Lam
NE Ambassadors, “This is the way it’s played.” 
 Video done by Yangzhengnites to promote tolerance of different cultural practices
A spectacular dance performance, infusing different ethnic moves, by the International Dancers