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Chinese New Year Celebrations 2018

This year, the school ushered in the lunar year of the “Dog” with the Best Decorated Classroom competition and a concert. 

As a lead-up to Chinese New Year, all classes participated in the Best Decorated Classroom competition. Both teachers and pupils worked together and forged a closer bond as they prepare and put up festive decorations to brighten up the classrooms. Some of the decorations drawn and prepared by the pupils were beautiful and created a vibrant atmosphere. Prizes were awarded to the best decorated class for each level, and these were some of the winning classes:

Classroom Decoration CNY.png
Classroom Decoration CNY..png
Classroom Decoration CNY..png
Classroom Decoration CNY..png

On the eve of Chinese New Year, both staff and pupils were awed by the performances put up by their fellow friends, and everyone enjoyed the wide repertoire of performances presented. 

The highly-anticipated Lion Dance set everyone’s heart palpitating with the performers’ stunts, as the performers imitated the lion's various movements and demonstrated martial arts agility to the sounds of beating drums, clashing cymbals and resounding gongs. 

CNY kids performing.png

The Lion presenting a scroll conveying blessings of good fortune for the year ahead to our principal and vice-principals at the end of the exciting performance. 

CNY Lion Dance.png

The principal giving out red packets to our Operational Support Staff and contract cleaners, wishing them good health for the new year. 

CNY Contract Cleaner Receiving AngPows.png

As the saying “The greatest wealth is health” , what a better way to kick off the new year than the Keep Fit dance performance put up by the school leaders, staff and pupils!

CNY kids performing.png

Our talented pupils put up a stellar performance and showed off the fruits of their labour while bringing the festive joy to others. We had the Chinese Dance, Wushu and Guzheng CCA groups, the Diablo enrichment group as well as the students from the Skit enrichment group showcasing their best efforts in this celebration. 

CNY students performing.png
CNYstudents performing.png
 CNY students performing.pngCNY students performing.png 
CNY students performing.png

The Cantonese pronunciation of giving mandarin oranges is "song gam", which sounds like "giving gold". Hence giving mandarin oranges signifies blessing of prosperity upon the recipient. Here’s our vice-principal giving the teachers a pair of mandarin oranges as part of the celebrations. 

CNY receiving red packets.png

Here’s wishing everyone 身体健康 (shēntǐ jiànkāng - Enjoy good health), 学习进步 (xuéxí jìnbù - Progress in studies), 心想事成 (xīnxiǎng shì chéng - May all your wishes come true) and of course, 新年快乐 (xīnnián kuàilè - Happy New Year)!