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E3 Day

P1 Learning Journey - Singapore Zoo

On 28 June 2018, the P1 pupils went on a Learning Journey to the zoo.  It was a fun and enriching learning experience for the pupils as they learnt to appreciate the animals around them. The pupils had the chance to see the animals close up in their enclosures or roaming around freely.  They had a lot of fun watching the animals and learning interesting facts about the animals. The pupils also watched an engaging Splash Safari show with their teachers.

Activity booklets were also prepared for the pupils and they enjoyed completing the activities inside the booklet.

In all, it was an enjoyable and rewarding trip for the pupils.


Upon arrival at the zoo 
Attentively watching the enjoyable and educational Splash Safari Show 
Learning interesting facts about the animals 
Taking a picture with a sleeping lion 

P2 Learning Journey - Butterfly Park

On 28 June 2018, the Primary Two pupils set off for a learning journey to the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom at Sentosa. It was a bright and sunny morning. The pupils were filled with excitement at the prospect of seeing the butterflies and insects up close. The pupils were fascinated with the animals they saw, namely the butterflies, stick insect, beetles and others. Some of the pupils also had the chance to interact with the insects under the watchful supervision of the guides. At the Nature Discovery, the pupils had the chance to do bark tree rubbing and to go on a canopy walk. The journey culminated with the pupils having a whale of a time blowing bubbles gleefully with the bubble mixture. All in all, it was an enriching learning journey for the pupils.

Waiting excitedly to enter the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom 
The parrot looking comfortable as if rested on our teacher's arm 
Our pupils enthusiastically interacting with the beetle. 
Oh, what fun to blow these bubbles! 

P3 Learning Journey - Gardens by the Bay

On Thursday, 28 June 2018, Primary 3 pupils went on a learning journey to Gardens by the Bay. The pupils visited the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The journey allowed our pupils to reflect on their role as responsible citizens and caring friends towards the environment and the living organisms as well as understand the impact that man’s action have on the environment. The pupils had meaningful learning experiences in the different Domes and asked essential questions as they explored and tried to complete their booklets.

P3 E3 Day_1.jpg
 Pupils actively posing questions to teachers and trainer.
 P3 E3 Day_2.jpg
Pupils learning more about the cacti at Flower Dome.
P3 E3 Day_3.jpgP3 E3 Day_4.jpg   
 A final pose after the tour.

P4 Learning Journey - Chinatown

On 28 June 2018, the Primary 4 pupils embarked on a learning journey to learn more about the heritage of our rich multi-cultural society and the history of Yangzheng Primary School. 

It was a self-directed learning journey as the pupils had to find answers to the quizzes using the tablet. The questions posed intrigued the pupils to learn more about our rich cultural heritage.

The exciting learning journey included walking through Chia Ann Siang Hill, Club Street, Amoy Street and visiting Chinatown Heritage Centre.  Along Club Street and Sago Street, the pupils visited Yangzheng heritage site and Yueng Ching Foundation Building.  They also observed ingenious architectural features of buildings in the past.   

At the end of the journey, the pupils gained more insights into the living conditions of the Chinese immigrants, their places of origin and the artefacts of their early occupations in Chinatown.

Old well.JPG
 Exploring an old well which provided water for the early settlers in Ann Siang Hill
Our school heritage at Club Street.JPG 
 Learning about our school's heritage at Club Street
 Living Conditions 1.JPG
 Learning about the lifestyle and living conditions of early Chinese immigrants