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Racial Harmony Day 2018

On the 21st of July every year, schools in Singapore commemorate Racial Harmony Day. This year, the theme for Racial Harmony Day is “Diversity Our Strength”.  A series of exciting activities were lined up for Yangzheng Primary School pupils to deepen their understanding about racial harmony in Singapore.

During the commemoration week, Yangzhengnites had the opportunity to try out various activities during recess and participate in the assembly programme. The assembly program reminded pupils of why we commemorate Racial Harmony Day and it also helped them gain a better understanding about the different racial groups in Singapore. In addition, a group of pupils from Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM) class performed a Malay and Chinese song respectively for the audience during assembly too! 

During the recess periods, game stations were set up for pupils to try out different traditional games such as five stones, chapteh and zero-point. There was also an art and craft booth for pupils to make bookmarks that have symbolic representations of the different cultures. 

Through these activities, Yangzhengnites developed a better understanding about the different cultures in Singapore. They also learnt that unity is crucial in Singapore as people are treated equally regardless of race and religion. Pupils should appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore!

 Pupils having a fun time learning while playing the various traditional games.
Pupils learning how to weave out a ketupat bookmark.
Pupils engaged in their painting of a Diwali lamp bookmark.
 Pupils using clay to create miniature hawker food items.