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Total Defence Day 2018

This year, Yangzheng Primary School commenced a series of activities on 12th February 2018 to commemorate Total Defence Day. In line with the upcoming Singapore World Water Day 2018, pupils and staff took part in the ‘I Save’ Pledge and exhibition panels were set up to allow pupils to learn about water saving tips. Staff from the Singapore Red Cross Society were also invited to interact with our pupils through their exhibits and activities to bring forth this year’s Total Defence theme, “Together We Keep Singapore Strong.”

Alongside the distribution of the NEWater bottles, a food rationing exercise was also conducted for Primary 3 to 6 pupils to remind pupils about the importance of appreciating our nation’s limited resources. 

During the assembly programme, our National Education (NE) ambassadors explained about the theme for this year’s commemoration, before concluding their segment with an introduction of the five pillars of Total Defence. The emcee from the Housing Development Board (HDB) Outreach to Young and Youth! (OHYAY!) Roadshow team then presented a lively assembly talk about good neighbourliness and eco-friendly living. The key messages from the talk were reinforced in the OHYAY! Roadshow where pupils had the opportunity to get their hands on board games and interactive activities. The Total Defence commemoration was indeed a meaningful and memorable learning experience as pupils identify elements of the five pillars of Total Defence through the commemorative activities. 

1. Food Rationing.JPG
2. NEWater Collection.JPG
Pupils exchange their food ration coupon for food items such as sweet potatoes or plain porridge.NEWater, a symbol of the nation's commitment towards water sustainability.
3. TDD Assembly.JPG4. First Aid.JPG 
Our NE ambassadors giving an introduction about the five pillars of Total Defence during the assembly talk. Pupils learning basic first aid knowledge, such as bandaging, during the Singapore Red Cross Society First Aid Awareness Booth.
5. HDB OHYAY Roadshow.JPG
Interactive board games by HDB that educate pupils about good neighbourliness.