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15 Jan 2021



                                                                    New P1 Yangzhengnites!

Yangzheng Primary School strongly encourages the enthusiastic participation of family members in their child’s educational journey with the school. Therefore, with MOE’s announcement that only P1 students will report to school on 4 January 2021 with one parent allowed to accompany our new P1 Yangzhengnites, it was heartwarming to see the parents who accompanied their children to school on their first day.

In order to ensure that our school remains a safe place for teaching and learning for all our Yangzhengnites and staff, safe management measures (SMMs) were observed starting from 4 January 2021. 

1 OP a.png

On behalf of the Yangzheng family, our Principal, Mrs Lim-Foo Boon Ching, warmly welcomed the new pupils and their parents to the school. Following that, while our new P1 Yangzhengnites were involved in the school’s Orientation Programme, their parents were given an overview of what their Primary 1 child will experience in school such as the P1 Level Focus and SMMs as well as the close home-school communication channels between the school and the parents. Thereafter, the parents were able to observe their child during recess at the canteen.

During recess, the pupils were taken care of by their teachers who not only orientated them on how to buy food but also guided them on the SMM routines at the canteen such as queueing up with safe-distancing, handwashing and wipe-down.

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In the classrooms, the P1 pupils were engaged in orientation activities specially catered to help them adjust to life in primary school. The pupils were also taught the SMM routines by their teachers such as handwashing, temperature-taking and wipe-down.

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The new Yangzhengnites were brought on a guided school tour around the school in order for them to get to know the school. The pupils visited the Library, Heritage Gallery, Playground, Eco-Garden, Indoor Sports Hall and other places in the school.

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