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Total Defence Day

Yangzheng Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day(TDD) from 8th February 2021 to 10th February 2021. Unlike previous years, we gathered online via zoom instead of gathering together as a whole school in the hall due to safe management measures (SMM).


For the assembly segment, our P5 National Education (NE) ambassadors prepared videos in line with the theme, “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. The school was reminded of major past events such as “The Japanese Occupation”, “Konfrontasi”, “1964 Racial Riots”, “2009 Financial Crisis “and “2004 SARS pandemic” which displayed how Singapore had come together and remained strong in battling any setbacks. Our pupils emcees also shared about the six pillars of Total Defence and how everyone can play their part to ensure Singapore remain safe and secure. The pupils answered quizzes and made pledges through folding stars. Each point of the star represents one of the four races– Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. The pupils pledged to stay united and keep Singapore strong and safe.


The TDD song, “There’s a Part for Everyone” was played during recess and pupils enjoyed the upbeat rhythm of the music. It served as a reminder of how one can put into action to uphold the 6 pillars of Total Defence.


For in-class activities, the lower primary pupils had the opportunity to design pencil cases and the P6 pupils designed SG Unite cards in line with the theme. Prizes were awarded to the best designs. All pupils shared their reflections to consolidate their TDD learning experiences in their TDD booklets.


In conclusion to TDD week, pupils viewed the Total Defence Day video message by Mr Ng Eng Hen. The video touched on how Singapore dealt with COVID-19 and reaffirmed the importance of total defence, involving every Singaporean in playing a part, both individually and collectively to build a strong, secure and cohesive nation to handle any crisis.




Our pupil emcees shared about the six pillars of Total Defence and how each individual could play his or her part to ensure Singapore remains safe and secure.



TDD 2_new.png     


Design entries for pencil cases that depicts Total Defence from the lower primary pupils.

TDD 3_new.png

Pupils’ reflections to consolidate their TDD learning experiences in the TDD booklets.



Design entries for SG Unite cards from the Primary 6 pupils.

 Folded stars as sign of pledges.