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Primary 1 and 2


Towards a more balanced and holistic primary education

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The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is a key initiative introduced by the  Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee  to achieve the aim of equipping our pupils with skills and values so that they grow up to be confident team players and independent learners. PAL exposes our young pupils to a broad range of non-academic activities to achieve a holistic education.

In Yangzheng Primary School, all P1 and P2 pupils undergo PAL modules during school hours. PAL provides the pupils with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in the 4 modules: Outdoor Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Sports & Games. PAL also facilitates all-rounded development of pupils in the 5 learning domains - Moral, Cognitive, Physical, Social, and Aesthetics - and provides varied avenues for pupils to develop social and emotional competencies.

The four PAL modules in action:

Outdoor Education

This module aims to promote the appreciation of Nature and the importance of conserving it. The pupils are engaged in learning about nature through various activities and games mostly conducted outdoors.

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In the Outdoor Education activity below, the pupils were engaged with their peers in building the “Tallest Tower”.

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Sports and Games Module

This module aims to combine both learning and playing where students learn about values and skills through sports and games. The sports and games are experiential in nature, which makes it easier for the pupils to learn about the school PRISM values such as Integrity, Passion for Learning and Self-Discipline.

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Performing Arts Module

In this module, the pupils are taught the basic elements of dance and creative movements. They also experience the various forms of cultural dances. The pupils will then work together to incorporate these dance and creative movements to create their own dance choreography and explore performing in small groups.

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Visual Arts Module

In this module, the pupils learn about mixing colours and creating visual art pieces using various art materials. The pupils experience working together in a group to complete their visual art pieces such as posters.

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Through the span of the 2 years in PAL, we hope to instill in our young Yangzhengnites the spirit of creativity, the ability to co-operate and the confidence to communicate.