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How to declare travel plan via MConline

 2019 Online Travel Declaration Form (OTDF)

In view of the upcoming March school holidays, we would like to seek your assistance in completing the Online Travel Declaration Form (OTDF) in the Learning Management System - MCOnline for each child who is travelling (i.e. one declaration per child who is travelling) using your child’s account by   13 March 2019.

Step-by-Step Guide on Completing Travel Declaration Online

1.    Login using your child’s ID (last 6 characters of your child’s BC number) to www.mconline.sg


User ID:  YZPS12345A

Password: YZPS0001

2.    Click on School Admin, followed by Travel Plan

3.    Click on Declare

a.     Select “I will be travelling to another country during the school vacation” and fill in details for your travel plan.

4.    Select the travel period, country, purpose of travel and mode of travel. Add in contact details for your emergency contact.

5.    Click to declare the accuracy of information

6.    Click Save to record the travel plan

Note: If their password has been changed and they cannot remember, students can click on Reset My Password button via the MCOnline login page or they can contact the helpdesk at 67775198 for assistance. 

Travel Plan .pdf

Please click on the link below to access MCOnline Website.