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Q1.  What are the operating hours of the General Office?

Monday to Friday:

7.30am – 6.00pm (Closed on weekends and public holidays)

Q2.  What time does school classes start?

Monday to Friday: 

7.30 am – 1.30pm

Q3.  When will the school side gate be opened?

Gate A, C and C Extension - Monday to Friday: (Opening Hours)

  • 7.00am – 7.30am
  • 1.30pm – 1.40pm

 (Closed on weekends, public holidays and non-school days.)

Parents are not allowed to enter the school via Gate B and Gate D. Gate B is the carpark access for buses and Gate D is the carpark access for staff.

Q4.  Can parents drive in and let their child alight at the school porch?

Due to limited parking space, we seek your understanding that we are unable to allow parents to drive into the school compound to drop off/ pick up your children/ wards at all times.  Please park at HDB carparks at Blk 330 and 331.

Q5.  Can parents park in the school?

There are no visitor lots in the school. Parents are to park at nearby public carpark (e.g. HDB carparks at Blk 330 and 331). 

Parents are advised not to park illegally along Serangoon Ave 3 or outside the school gate.

Q6.  When can parents/guardians enter the school to buy things from the bookshop? 

Please note the bookshop opening hours and contact as follows:

                 Company: Casco Educational Supply Pte Ltd

                 Contact number: 9770 9542

                 Email: info@cascoedusupply.com.sg          

                 Monday to Friday: (Opening Hours during school term)

For Pupils: Mon to Fri – 9.00am to 3.45pm

For Parents/ Guardians: Mon to Fri – 2.15pm to 3.45pm

Sale of PE / school uniform is available in the bookshop.

School Uniform can also be purchased online at www.magdalene.com.sg

                Company: Magdalene Sewing Centre Pte Ltd

                Contact number: 6293 5840

                Email: info@magdalene.com.sg                

Q8.  Are there student care services available in Yangzheng Primary School?

Yes, we do have a Student Care Centre (SCC) in the school. The SCC is managed by Big Heart Student Care. For enquiries, you may contact them at 8189 2293 or email them at yangzheng@shgstudentcare.com.sg

Q9. Is there school bus service available? 

For daily school bus services, please contact the following:

                Company: Long Lim Pte Ltd

               Contact number: 93370885/ 64822568 (Jenny)

               Note:  All arrangements and agreements are to be made directly with the bus operator.

Q10. Is there dental services available?

For Dental services, please note the opening hours and contact as follows:

 Location: #01-22

Contact number: 62843258

Opening Hours:

·         Wed & Thur: 8am-5.30pm

·         Fri: 8am-5pm

·         Lunch Break: 1pm to 2pm

Q11.  Are parent’s consent needed for School Trips/ Excursion/ Learning Journey?

Parent’s written consent must be given before pupils embark on any school trip or excursion.

 Q12. Can parents visit the school during school hours?

We would like to remind parents, guardians and visitors who are coming into the school to see your child/ward or any teacher or on official business to sign in at the Security Post located at Gate C. Please be reminded that the security sticker issued is to be displayed prominently at all times. Anyone found without the security sticker will be asked to leave the school premises immediately.

Please do not go directly to the classrooms without permission. We would appreciate it if you could proceed to the General office to inform the counter staff the purpose of your visit.

Parents may come in to purchase items from the Bookshop or to buy school uniform after 2.15pm. Security sticker will be issued only for visit to the School Bookshop for purchases and parents are not allowed to remain in the school after their purchases.

Q13. Are students allowed to leave school early?

No pupil is allowed to leave school unaccompanied by the parent/ guardian during school hours without the permission from the subject teacher or form teacher.

Pupils who are not feeling well and wish to go home must obtain approval from the class teacher. A parent/ guardian must be present to fill up the Permission to Leave Early log book (available in the General Office) for record and safety purposes.

Exit pass will be issued by General Office and parent has to return the exit pass to the security guard for clearance.

Q14. Can parents send item(s) to the school if their child have forgotten to bring it?

As part of our school’s effort in inculcating the school value of Responsibility in our pupils, we have informed our pupils that they must take charge and be responsible for the things that they need in school. These include stationery, books, assignments, consent forms, etc. In the event that they forget to bring these items, we seek your fullest cooperation and support in this effort by NOT bringing the item(s) to school for them.

The school records the names of pupils who have forgotten their items and those who asked parents/ guardians to bring for them. The school may take reference to this record in the pupils’ conduct grade.

Q15. Change of address/telephone number

Please inform the General Office promptly if there are any changes in your child’s/ ward’s particulars such as home address and contact numbers. Please update your latest mobile phone number with us so that the school can contact you in times of emergencies.

Q16. Can parents make appointments with teachers?

We request parents and guardians to fix an appointment to meet or communicate with your child’s/ ward’s teacher about his/ her progress. Parents can fix appointments via phone call or email to the teachers.


Q17. For enquiries, is there a contact number or e-mail address that parents can write to?

For any enquiries, you can write to yzps@moe.edu.sg or call 6284 6298.